Jan. 1st, 2000 visiPerl+ 2.5 is finally here!

  • We finally made it out of beta with 2.5.  Now you can enjoy the freedom of editing your HTML code directly inside visiPerl+.  No more having to jump to a secondary program to edito HTML.

  • We've completely changed the storage method of the FTP sites from an Ini file to a dbf file format.  There is an import button on the visiPerl+ FTP Toolbar to import your existing sites.

  • The error that was being generated in NT is now corrected.  

  • visiPerl+ is now Win2000 Compatible.

Dec. 19, 2000 Release delayed

  • Well we've had to delay the next release for a few more days.  We are still doing some last minute beta testing in certain areas.  We are expecting to have this out before Christmas if at all possible.  If you are a registered user and interested in becoming a beta tester, please contact us at techsupp@helpconsulting.net

Nov. 29, 2000 Next release by middle of December

  • We have decided to wait and correct the NT bug found on Sept. 26th until we make the next release in December.  It is possible that it will be released before Dec. 15th, however, this is our target date.

Sept. 26, 2000  Get ready for the next release

  • We are currently working on the Next release which will probably be 2.4.  This version will include a built-in HTML Editor with Real-Time Preview.  Along with additional features added to the FTP client.

  • You will also see new icons on the toolbar, representing Code Block Indent and Outdent.  Essentially allowing you to select a section of your code and move it in or out.

Sept. 17, 2000 Build 2.05.55

  • FTP Client - Client was not initializing cache on new installs. Corrected.

Sept. 13, 2000 Build 2.05.53

  • Completely rewrote the FTP Client.  Removed dependancy on wininet.dll from Internet Explore 5.0 and up.  Now FTP Client should work on any machine running win9x/NT/2000. FTP Client supports drag and drop between local and remote.  Currently does not support the dragging of directories.

  • Added several new Perl command line options.  Also allow the user to choose between viewing source or HTML output for each session.

  • BUG FIX: visiPerl+ would cause a runtime error if you shutdown the program without loading a file first.  This is now corrected.