Key Features

Editor Features
  • Multi-Document editing  with color-syntax highlighting. 

  • Autoindentation and your choice of Classic, brief and epsilon keyboard layouts.  
  • Bookmarks, gutter and line numbering.  
  • Bracket matching allows you to highlight a bracket and have its mate located and all code in between is highlighted.
  • Code Templates allow for easy insertion of code templates.  Truly increases productivity.
  • Easy access to the Perl Documentation
  • Bookmark Navigation.  Simply click the previous or next buttons to locate the appropriate bookmark.
  • Now you'll know exactly when those documents have or have NOT been saved.  visiPerl+ 2.5 has added "Saved" icons on each tab.  When a document has been modified, they're RED, when it's been saved, they're grayed out.
  • MRU (Most Recently Used) File listing.  Now you don't have to remember what document you worked on last.  Whenever you close a script, visiPerl+ writes it into the Most Recently Used listing, at which point, you can select it directly from there the next time you need it.


Web Server (visiServer)
  • Supports GET / POST Methods

  • Currently supports the following environment variables;

  • Supports both "LocalHost",  "MachineName" and IP addressing.  Can be addressed from any machine on the network (if connected in a network environment).

  • Simply point the server to your document root and the document that you want to be sent by default and press start.


HTML Editor
  • Now you edit your HTML code directly in visiPerl+ 2.5 with a real-time preview.

  • You can use existing HTML code or start fresh.  visiPerl+ will insert it back into your script.

  • No more jumping to external HTML editors to work on HTML coding.

 FTP Client
  • Drag and Drop to server.

  • Site management with common actions.  Delete, Rename, New Folder, GET (Download), Set Permissions.
  • Uses document properties or you can add sites that are not related to the document.


Perl Explorer
  • Easily locate variables by typing the first letter of their name.  Repeat letter for more that begin with that letter.

  • Renaming a variable in the tree will rename it throughout the document.
  • Easily jump to a sub routine by highlighting its name in the Perl Explorer and then select "Jump to" from the popup menu.

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