Office Talk 1.5

NEW build as of March 10, 2000
Thank you for your interest in OfficeTalk. Please give OfficeTalk a try, we feel sure you'll enjoy it's easy to use interface and convenient features. Please let us know of any problems you encounter.

Click here to download: OfficeTalk 1.5
A new window for Download.com will popup for you to download it from there. We're trying to build our download count up. Thank you for your assistance.


With OfficeTalk you can send messages to co-workers throughout your LAN or WAN. It's extremely simple to use and setup. Simply install the software and click on Preferences to tell it how you want to be notified of an incoming message. If you have a sound card and speakers you can receive an audible notification, otherwise you can choose to have the icon blink in the Icon tray or have the window popup in front of whatever your currently working on.

Only $15.00 (per machine)

Future plans:

  • Change to a TCP based messaging service

  • Add file transfer
  • Multi-user chat
  • Actual Online-Status of user

    These will be implemented in no specific order. Although The TCP will have to be first to complete the remaining items. Expected release of TCP based build should be before the end of the year.