Alright let's face facts... nobody wants someone snooping around in their email. It doesn't mean you've got something to hide, it just means your email is no less private than the mail you get through the US Post Office.

Outlook Express Identity Monitor to the rescue!

If you...

  • share a computer with multiple users

  • would like to rest easy knowing someone can't just pop open Outlook Express and read your email without knowing a password.
  • Don't won't Family members prying through your email.

    then this program's for you.

Only $10.00

 So why do I need this program?

Outlook Express provides a wonderful feature of allowing multiple identities or accounts on the same computer. This loses its "wonder" when you realize that even if you tell Outlook Express to ask for a password each time it starts, it won't. Why?... I don't know, you'll have to ask Microsoft. In actuality, if you restart the machine and then startup Outlook express, it'll once again properly ask for a password. Shut it down using the upper right hand 'X' and then open it again. You'll find that it won't ask for the password. Microsoft provides a proper method of shutting

down Outlook Express when using multiple identities, but who wants to go through that hassle.

Outlook Express Identity Monitor will constantly be on the look out. When you finish using Outlook Express, OEID Monitor will jump into action and make the necessary changes to your system to force Outlook Express to ask for a password again. Your email is now a little safer.