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Setting up Corel Linux as a DHCP Server
by Ken Knight

    Feb. 15
    I managed to get Corel Linux doing both functions at the same time (IPmasq and DHCPd), however, it wasn't using the IPmasq package that comes installs with the Corel Update utility. I ended up having to manually add several lines to the network file in the Init.d directory. I will put up a guide on how to do this as soon as I get ICQ working through the firewall. Everything else I've tested works fine.

    Feb. 7
    Please note, there is a conflict between Corel's IPmasq package and the DHCP server. I am currently trying to resolve this issue with Corel and will post new information as it is obtained. This being said, if you need IP Masquerading, you will have to use static IP's on your workstations.

Setting up a DHCP server is fairly simple with Corel Linux. It took wading through a few man pages to get everything tweaked the way I thought it should be, but to save you the time you can download the "dhcpd.conf" file from here.

Essentially, here is a brief overview of what your going to be doing. First, you'll download and install the DHCPd daemon. Doing this will install a file called dhcpd.conf, located under the /etc directory. You'll edit this file to your needs, I'll explain a little on this file later. Next you'll start the daemon and finally reboot all your PC's or linux systems. Again, as stated above there is currently some kind of conflict between the ipmasq package and the dhcpd package. I'm not quite sure what it is but I'm in contact with Corel Tech Support to see if they can get this resolved. So if you're going to be using your Linux box as a File server with no IP Masquerading to the Internet, than this will work like a champ for you. However, if you want IP Masquerading then you'll have to skip the DHCP server and use static IP's on your workstations.


Still working on this one...

Download dhcpd.conf here