Delphi Tips


After weeks of attempting to get information from the newsgroups on this, I finally relented and used an FTP Client/Server approach. My original goal was straight TCP transfer of the selected file. However this works fine. I'm using an ICS FTP Server with a ICS FTP Client. It'll work with a WinShoe FTP Client also. (Tried it!).


File Transfer #2

Finally, after months of searching and asking, Hadi Hariri... associated with Winshoes, was kind enough to pass along a sample file of how transfer files between pc's. There was a problem though, 1) It appeared to be written in D5 and I use D4. 2) He had the client and server seperated into two applications. I needed both Client and Server in the same app. So, since all I could do was study the code, I came up with this second installment of a file transfer method. I hope this is useful to you folks... I know it's gets requested alot in the newsgroups. This program is a single file app that let's both client and server push files back and forth between each other.


PS. If you find this useful or you add some cool options to it, let me know. ;)